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Training Therapists in the Treatment of CSA - Barbara Lang

Training Therapists in the Treatment of CSA, Models of Treatment Provision and the Current Services in OperationIn 2000, the Ministry of Health, at the initiative of the National Service for Social Work, established a national program for the treatment of domestic violence.

Five years later, a special department was set up within the National Service of social work - for the Treatment of Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in the Hospital and Community Health Care System. 

Since then, it has been implementing the concept that the health system is an important link in the national struggle against domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, elderly and the helpless. In addition, it is leading national processes aimed at expanding the awareness, knowledge and skills of medical, nursing and health professionals in order to identify, locate and treat victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the care of the various health systems (hospitalization and community).

We are working on improving the reporting skills of the various caregivers (doctors, nurses, social workers, paramedics, etc.); Strengthening the system of medical and psychosocial care; Strengthening the mental health system with experts on the subject; Building kits and training tools for raising awareness and learning; Improving the discourse and work methods, Within the health system itself and between the healthcare system and related systems like Welfare, police, education etc.

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