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Daniela Hadassy - Puppet Therapy in Traumatic Situations

Puppet Therapy in Trauma Situations

Daniela Hadassy

I am a puppet therapist in Hospitals with children and teenagers. I have nine professional puppets for trauma situations in hospital (for example, one puppet Chico with surgery marks and intravenous infusion). I create the voices, personalities and characters of my nine puppets, and they are co-therapists in my special relationship with traumatic children and teenager. 

 I encourage nurses, doctors, teachers and psychologists to use puppets to help children and teenagers to overcome trauma. Puppets calm, relieves and dramatically improve the patient's\ victims relationship with the parents and the surrounding environment.

 The positive psychological change in the child leads to greater cooperation.  The therapeutic narrative process with puppet effectively 'reaches' the young patient's/victims, teaching him new ways of being and behaving in a trauma situation by offering him a unique, non-threatening setting where he can identify with his new friend. 


Ms. Daniela Hadassy • Schneider Children's Medical Center, (SCMCI). Ventriloquist and Drama Therapist


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