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Aleen Elul - We Detected Sexual Abuse Experience, and Then WHAT?!


We Detected Sexual Abuse Experience, and Then WHAT?! 

Aleen Elul

The Ministry of Social Affairs often investigates cases of children suspected of being physically and sexually abused or severely neglected.

These investigations are based on 1. the initial intervention - the investigation itself - which must meet professional and legal standards, taking into consideration the interests of the interrogated person without interfering with the interrogation, 2. the assessment of the reliability and protection of the findings of the investigation in court. This requires a constant development of professional tools given existing limitations caused by the fact that nowadays our only mean of investigation is verbal.

Retrospectively, we discover that many children who have been abused, such as sexual abuse within the family, will eventually spend time in coercive frameworks of youth protection, and will suffer from severe addictions, prostitution, criminal involvement and more. Understanding this phenomenon and trying to prevent it present a significant challenge. We aim to develop trauma-based treatment methods and wish to promote care systems for victims.

Ms. Aleen Elul Ministry of Welfare, Senior Vice President and Head of the Court Assistance Department

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