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Sam Manickam - ‘Picking the persons’ through ‘Draw a person’ and ‘Person Picking Mango from a Tree’

‘Picking the persons’ through ‘Draw a person’ and ‘Person Picking Mango from a Tree’  

Sam Manickam and M. Kruthi

Art based assessments have been found to be useful in identifying persons who experience stress. Children and adolescents who are undergoing different forms of maltreatment and abuse can be identified from their drawings, even if they are not vocal about them. With the increasing number of adolescents being trained into both home grown and international terrorism, it is important to identify those adolescents at an early stage, before they get into conflict with law. Developing tools to assess them and ‘pick’ those who are at risk might help in providing them with correctional measures at the appropriate age. One of the art based assessments which is popularly used is the Person Picking Apple from a tree (PPAT). However, when a group of adolescents in South India was asked to draw PPAT, they reported that they had not seen an apple tree. Therefore, we explored which tree would be the appropriate fruit tree in terms of familiarity and the ease in drawing with 610 persons in the state of Karnataka in South India and found mango to be the most favored one and replaced apple with mango. The Person Picking Mango from a Tree ( PPMT) was used with adolescents who are Typically Growing (TG). The presentation will high light the probable elements that may help identify those who have tendency for aggression and violence.

Prof. Leister Sam Sudheer Manickam. Ph.D.; Professor in Clinical Psychology and Hon. Director, CAPS, Director of Research and Training, Mhat. Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Gestalt Therapy, Psychotherapy, Community Clinical Psychology, Psychological Testing, Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Research on empathy and Indian Psychological concepts.

M. Kruthi, PhD Scholar, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysuru, India.


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