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Sonali De, Abused Childhood: Use of Qualitative Methods in Identification and Assessment

Netzer Daie - The Hints that Help Clinicians to Identify Dissociative Patients

Robert Geffner, The Historical, Current State, and Future Needs for Identification and Evaluation of Child Abuse

Netta Ness - Chance Management Assessment, Evaluation and Leveraging at Adolescents at Risk

McInnes Elspeth - Using Drawings for Child Sexual Abuse Assessment in Young Children

David Gussak - Using Art Therapy to Reverse the Delinquent Label with Juvenile Detention Populations

Yael Dan - Professional Dilemmas in the Exposure of Childhood Sexual Trauma Victims

Rachel Lev-Wiesel - Artificial Intelligence Systems for Identifying Sexual Abuse through Self-figure Drawing

Onno van der Hart - The Nature and Manifestations of Trauma-Induced Dissociation of the Personality in Survivors of Child Abuse and Neglect


Linda Blokland - Assessing and Managing Child Abuse in a South African Context

Sam Manickam - ‘Picking the persons’ through ‘Draw a person’ and ‘Person Picking Mango from a Tree’

Shai Efrati - Dissociation from the Biological Aspect – The Wound in the Brain

Renée Potgieter Marks - Assessment of Dissociative Disorders in Children and Adolescents

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